Full Moon Chenrezig Mantra Luung

We are currently living our 3rd year of Covid pandemic. With all the shifts and changes going on globally, we need to learn to be more present and flexible to adapt to change. Many of you have requested me to give empowerments and oral transmission these past years, but I have always declined. However, the time has come that I would like to give oral transmission to my students, especially in the practice of Chenrezig Mantra. This will benefit countless of beings until the exhaustion of sufferings. Please I urge all of you, to keep up with practice, accumulate as much merits as you can for the benefits of all sentient beings.

H.E. Chung Trulku Rinpoche



Importance of Luung (Oral Transmission)

It is important to receive an oral transmission (also known as ‘reading transmission’) from a teacher, in order to create an auspicious connection with a particular text or practice.

In the case of tantric texts, such as sadhanas or commentaries, this transmission occurs once one has received the relevant empowerment.

The reading transmission is passed down from master to student when the student listens to the teacher reading a text for which he holds a transmission, ultimately going back to the author of the text.

In this way, the student receives the blessing of the lineage without which he or she will not be able to understand the text fully in all its depth.

Some teachers even consider it inappropriate to read a Dharma text for which one has not yet received a transmission. (rigpawiki.org)

Dana (Generosity Practice)


In Buddhist tradition, we practice dana or generosity by making monetary offerings for the teachings. Dana is not payment for goods or services rendered. It is given from the heart, please give with much joy generously to your capacity.

The practice of generosity is one of the six paramitas in Mahayana teaching. Motivation and intention is very important when we give. Hence, take this opportunity to contemplate and practice when we offer dana to our teacher.

Your generosity is a gift that supports not just teacher but also Sangha, the larger dharma community, and your practice.

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