.Artisanal Incense


Handmade incense, a thousand year old tradition from Bhutan. These 100% natural blends of natural medicinal herbs are personally chosen by Chung Rinpoche as it has both calming and healing qualities.

Major ingredients:  Juniper, rhododendron, indigenous cardamom, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.
Incense Count: 37 Sticks
Incense Size: 8.5″
Container Size : 9″x 1.5″d
Weight: 115 grams



Making of these bespoke incense is a lost art with only a handful of artisans left in Bhutan keeping with tradition and methods. Production is only made a few months a year in line with the season to ensure quality and sustainability. Experience the medicinal qualities of these incense  for relaxation, meditation and the cleansing of the home environment, it has an aroma that often helps to calm and soothe restless minds.


There is a very high possibility one will not being able to use any other incense once you have experience these ones!


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