*The Taste of Luminous Blessings.


Rinpoche’s first book launched on Chokhor Düchen, August 1st, 2022 in Bhutan!

In a world that is increasingly adulterated by hate, greed and other sources of negative energies, it has become very important to disseminate the immortal words and teachings of the Buddha. The Dharma has become the magic bullet that could make our world a better place to live in.

Many Buddhist masters from different schools have authored books on the Buddha Dharma, one of which is Patrul Rimpoche’s “The Practice of View, Meditation and Action.” Through this book, Patrul Rimpoche has underlined the cornerstones of the Buddha Dharma.

However, the ability to firstly imbibe and then practice the Dharma differs. Those who are intellectually superior can do it easily, which the uneducated ones cannot. The Dharma is universal; there is no monopoly here and thus not like a property owned by one person. It is for everyone.

“The Taste of Luminous Blessings,” aspires to do just this – make everyone understand the different facets of the Buddha Dharma. Through the use of very simple English, complemented by art, yet again in the simplest form, the purpose of the book is to lighten up the lives of all people, irrespective of stature and knowledge, and infuse the Buddha Dharma in their minds.

It is my most sincere and ardent hope that this book will benefit everyone who reads it.

Chung Trulku Rimpoche  



Chung Trulku Rinpoche was born at Bhamarpo in Bumthang. The third of seven sons from a yak-herding family; five of whom have been recognized as trulkus, Rinpoche was enthroned as the 3rd mind reincarnation of Trulzhik Do Ngak Lingpa by His Holiness Penor Rinpoche at Bodhgaya when he was 14. He studied at Namdroling Institute in Mysore, South India, where he received a master degree. Rinpoche served as the chief abbot of Tharpaling monastery in Bumthang and is the founder of Dhyana, a non-profit organization in Bhutan and the custodian of Tshogyal Lungtok Tengyaling Nunnery in Paro. He has also taught in other countries such as, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Germany, Australia, and the U.S, amongst others.


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