Vairocana Mala


Vairocana Buddha is a major iconic figure in Mahayana Buddhism, especially in Vajrayana and other esoteric traditions. He has played various roles, but, generally, he is seen as a universal Buddha, a personification of the dharmakaya and the illumination of wisdom. Yellow Jade represents success and this crystal has the healing elements in dispelling negativity and promotes confidence and progress in all we do.


H.E. Chung Tulku Rinpoche would like to share his wisdom on some facts and significance of using mala beads:

As we have different deities we also have different heart mantra and same goes with mala beads. There is different shapes and significant of different mala beads representing different deities. From various malas, the mala beads made from Bodhicitta tree can be used in any practice.

  • 108 beads in mala:  42 beads represent peaceful deities and 58 beads representation of wrathful deities and 8 are extra beads in order to fill the gap if we have missed our practice in between.
  •  We hold rosary with our left hand mainly to pacify our bad deedsanger and excitement.
  • The reason why we pull beads upward by our left hand; it is believed that sentient beings which are in samsara are believed to be freed from samsara while pulling the beads upwards. Then when we reach the end of beads, which is represented with a bigger bead than other beads circulating known as the Guru bead. It is believed that all sentient beings are freed from samsara and landed in pure land.
  • We pull bead inwards representing our accomplishments.


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