Having witnessed so much sufferings from his students, community and all over the globe this year from the pandemic, Rinpoche has decided to organise a three days Tsok Bum (100,000 ganachakra feast offerings). This vajrayana practice of offering, not only swiftly gathers all accumulations of merit and wisdom but also simultaneously purifies all our obscurations.

Rinpoche held the Tsok Bum this year with H.H. 11th Padmalingpa Sungtrul Rinpoche at Drametse Lhakhang, a fifteenth-century monastery straddling a steep and narrow mountain ridge in the verdant slopes of the eastern Himalayas. On December 9th 2020, he flew from Paro to Bumthang via Yonphula and drove over 2 hours to Drametse Lhakang. The latter was founded by Ani Choten Zangmo, Pema Lingpa’s daughter, whom named it “Drametse” which literally means “the peak where there are no enemies” and she was also the first buddhist nun in Bhutan who attained enlightenment. Ani Choeten Zangmo’s kudung (remains) is preserved to this day in the monastery as the most important relic.

H.H. 11th Padmalingpa Sungtrul Rinpoche, the presiding Abbot of Drametse Lhakang, and Chung Rinpoche, commenced each offering from the main shrine room along with three years retreatants of the monastery. The tsok were arranged directly in front of Guru Rinpoche’s practice cave, where over 150 monks and lay practitioners participated over three days. The final day of the offerings were completed at the sacred site of Ani Choeten Zangma’s where she attained enlightenment.

May all sentient beings benefit from the Tsok Bum.