Our Vision

Choten Gangkha, Shaba Gewog Paro


Saddened with the loss of his last living guru and witnessing the ocean of sufferings from the pandemic back in early January of 2021, Rinpoche was fueled with deep compassion and motivation to the spread of Dharma and make more benefits to all sentient beings.

The number of monasteries in the world right now outweighs nunneries, there is a dire need to address and rectify this imbalance by creating a safe and scholastic place of a global standard for the sangha. Rinpoche hopes Tshogyel Lungtok Tengayling will one day house more nuns not just locally but from all nationalities, to have the opportunity to learn Buddha dharma intensively.

In his reign so far as the custodian of Tshogyel Lungtok Tengayling, he has made several upgrades to the buildings ie. improving the plumbing systems, commissioned new washing closets and shower facilities for the nuns, and most importantly restoring the neglected choten to its rightful glory with a golden pinnacle. There are also many more activities under way to raise the presence of the nunnery, with several of Rinpoche’s students locally and from abroad, contributing in any ways that they can to help Rinpoche with his aspiration in seeing the success of Tshogyel Lungtok Tegayling and all nunneries alike.